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Do I think it will cause some discussion and some reflection: Yes. We really focus on the issue of tithing and money, and where it goes once it leaves your family and goes to the pulpit. Anyone who has ever given money at church and has question marks, this movie goes there.And we explore a variety of topics from adultery in the church, pastors cheating, money being taken for personal gain or spent illegally, and more. In their four months together, they went through a lot: Rosie’s father died, her daughter [Chelsea] ran away, there was a lot of of tumult. A rep for O’Donnell maintains the two were never in a relationship, telling PEOPLE on Friday “they’re friends.” The statement echoes one given to PEOPLE by the rep in September: “They are friends and nothing more.” However, in early September the source told PEOPLE O’Donnell and O’Neal – who revealed exclusively to PEOPLE in May that she now dates women – were “romantically involved.” The source added that they were hanging out and had “seen each other on both coasts, in Nyack and in Los Angeles,” and both O’Donnell and O’Neal dropped hints on social media about their connection in September. 17, the pair was spotted boating together near O’Donnell’s home in West Palm Beach, Florida.They have known each other for many years but this has turned into more than a friendship.” The source also added that this was O’Neal’s first relationship in a long time.

Just like the steady tortoise, we may not notice, but she is already winning the race.

I don’t want to give too much of the movie away, but suffice it to say all of the issues you raise are addressed in the movie in detail.

And I think that the way Russ addresses them through our characters is very accurate. I applaud Russ for being brave enough to tackle this subject and all of the backlash and conversation that will go along with it.

She is a native of Tennessee, born in the jazz rich city of Memphis, and hails from humble roots.

Her mom was a nurse, her dad a blue-collar construction worker.

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